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Welcome to the Northwestern District of the IFCA


NWD Youth


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Who We Are

The Northwestern District (NWD) strives to give support and connection to the IFCA churches in the area of Western PA, West Virginia, and Ohio. The support and growth of the churches in our district is the greatest priority for the district. The goal of connecting pastors, leaders and families at the churches to create a greater unity within the IFCA in our district is what we are striving to do.

The Northwestern District (NWD) is led by the elected Presbyters. Pastor Sam DeMarco is the District Overseer, Pastor Jerry Hunt is the District Secretary, Pastor Mike Pangio, and Pastor Alan Schrader.


With these men leading the NWD; God has been moving on the hearts and lives of so many people and in so many churches. 

District Ministries

NWD Ministries

Women's Ministry 

The NWD Women's ministry is active in creating opportunities for the women at each church in the district to connect and grow together through different events throughout the year.

Children's Ministry 

The NWD Children's Ministry builds a foundation for the each child to grow upon in their faith. 

Youth Ministry 

The NWD Youth ministry is important in the growth of the churches in the district through connecting and leading students to a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. 

IFCA Education Department

The IFCA Bible College and Seminary is a powerful way to train and equip the next generation of ministry leaders. The Hub is located in the NWD and led by Pastor Dave Belles. For more information visit their website.

Upcoming Events
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Find a Church

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